Late September 2022

Glueing on the second layer of the forward coaming. It's now 6mm thick. The side coamings will be made from 6mm ply as it doesn't need to bend much. There is a lap joint between the forward and rear coamings and the side coamings.

glueing fwd coaming full size

Douglas Fir lumber for the spars. There is a total of 7 spars on the gaff rig yawl. This is the lumber for 5 of them. I've already made the mizzen sprit and the bowsprit. This lumber needs to be cut down in a table saw so that I can glue pieces together to make the square blanks for each spar.

spar lumber full size

The side coaming are longer than a sheet of plywood, so rough cut some pieces and scarfed them together. Here they are clamped up after glueing.

scarfing side coaming full size

I made a fair curve on the bottom of the starboard side coaming and dry fit in place. The lap joints are cut and tested. The top of the coaming will be cut down to shape when glued in place.

dry fit starboard coaming full size

Here is the other side dry fit into place.

dry fit port coaming full size

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