Early September 2022

Putting in the first layer of the aft coaming.

glueing aft coaming full size

The bowsprit is going to sit on a bed made from epoxy. I could carve out the bottom of it to fit, but too much work.

bedding bowsprit in epoxy full size

closeup of bowsprit full size

Heres the result of the molding.

bowsprit epoxy bed full size

another view of epoxy bed full size

The lower rub rail is being dry fit, needs to be steamed to fit. The rub rail is made from ash.

steaming lower rub rail full size

Both the starboard gunwale and rub rail are dry fitted, steamed into place.

starboard gunwale and rub rail dry fitted full size

Planing the top of the gunwale to fit the deck.

planing starboard gunwale full size

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