I started to build a John Welsford Navigator Dinghy. I saw this boat out sailing on Puget Sound, and really liked it. I bought a book, "Something About Navigator: The Welsford Camp Cruiser" by Robert Ditterich. The book consists of several stories by owners of the boat, and then a build log of the authors own dinghy.

Drawing from John Welsford's site. Navigator Drawing

I started by getting the plans from John Welsford's website, and then eagerly awaiting their arrival from the other side of the world. Once they got here, I started laying out some of the plywood parts in CAD, so that I could have the parts cut on a CNC router to save time. This was a laborious process as the plans were hand drawn. The CAD drawings were produced and I had them sent off to Edensaw woods, where they were cutup on the router.

Those parts arrived today. So I can get started on the physical construction of the dinghy.

CNC parts full size

More CNC parts full size