3.0 Hours

Attached top rib

Attached top rib full size

Riveted the top rib using blind rivets

Riveting skin to spar

Riveting skin to spar full size

After attaching the top rib, started riveting the skin to the spar. Most of these can be done with the squeezer.

Redid lower doubler and rudder horn

Redid lower doubler and rudder horn full size

The skin wasn't fitting well at the lower end near the rudder horn, I had taken the cleco's off and on several times trying to get it to fit better. Finally I noticed that I had put the doubler on the aft side of the spar, instead of the front of the spar like it is supposed to. So I drilled out the rivets, and reattached everything. One of the holes got oversized, so I'll have to put a bolt and nut in it. It fits much better now, everything is good.

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