Design of Pixel Qi enclosure


Many years ago I got a Pixel Qi lcd display. This was a new process technology screen that had both very low power and sunlight readable screens, like a e-reader display but without the extremely slow update rate. They were sold as replacements for laptop screens, but went out of business after a while. I wish now I had bought a couple more of them. They are pretty much unavailable now. I am using the one I have for my boat computer project as both of its attributes are very desirable. Since it was just a panel, I needed a enclosure for it. I had been using a plywood stand I had put together one day.

The display also uses a video board, which I got from adafruit. I designed an enclosure using OpenSCASD which is parameterized. I can add buttons along the side and bottom. For this use, I just needed the video board buttons. This pcb was poorly designed in that the connecter was in plane with the board and stuck inwards. This made the bottom bezel on the enclosure very wide, just to accomodate that.

front panel full size

ready to assemble full size

back side of enclosure full size

front side of enclosure full size

plugged into boat computer full size