5.5 Hours

Drilling F-757-R

Drilling F-757-R full size

Located and drilled the F-757-L/R.

Drilling F-695-L/R

Drilling F-695-L/R full size

Deburred the F-757-L/R gussets and the F-721B-L/R side|Deburred the F-757-L/R gussets and the F-71B-L/R side rails which i had drilled a long time ago during longeron work. Located and drilled the F-695-L/R gussets

Fitting and drilling F-636-L/R

Fitting and drilling F-636-L/R full size

These fittings are for the seat belt attachments. Located and drilled the bolt holes.

Fitting F-728B angle

Fitting F-728B angle full size

This angle was fit and drilled during tailcone assembly. Now cleco for riveting

F-728B angle riveted

F-728B angle riveted full size

Put these rivets in. All done with the squeezer.

Riveting F-757 gussets

Riveting F-757 gussets full size

Cleaned and primted gussets and rails. Then riveted the F-757-L/R to the fuselage.

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