Here is the "Keel Laying" of a float half. The boat is constructed using the vertical foam stripping method, so this picture shows the first strip of foam in the mold.

The Keel Laying

I used a low-tech vacuum bagging technique for the flat bulkheads. The bleeder cloth was burlap, and the clear bag was construction plastic from Home Depot. I used peel ply next to the glass cloth for a good finish. The vacuum pump is a refrigerator compressor.

Vacuum table setup

Here my son and I are trimming tape on a bulkhead in a completed float half.

Bulkhead trimming

This photo shows a completed float half in the mold with the 3 bulkheads in place.

Float Half in mold

Here is a completed ama half.

Float half completed

This is a laminated and joined float before fairing.

Laminated float

A faired float in the new garage.

Faired float in garage

A closer shot of the foam bow on the unfaired float.

Float bow