6.0 Hours

Dimpling hs skin

Dimpling hs skin full size

I started dimpling the left horizontal skin. On the 4th hole, I made my first mistake. The skin is kind of awkward to hold open while banging the dimpler, and while I was messing with it, the dimple die came out of the hole, and I banged a new hole in the skin. I called Van's and they said to bang it flat again and dimple the hole. Basically don't worry about it. Of course it is on the top and not on the bottom. Oh well.

The "extra" hole

The "extra" hole full size

This is the bad hole. The picture isn't very good. After I finished the skin dimpling. I countersunk the spars for the skin rivets, countersunk the front and back of the spars and doublers where the plans say to. (about 10 holes total). Then I deburred the spars and doublers. They are ready to be primed.

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