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I began building an RV-9A in June of 2008. I have always liked RV airplanes ever since I saw one at an air show. Since I am a low time pilot, I chose the RV-9A. I like the idea of a slow stall speed, and efficiency in this era of high fuel prices.

The RV-9A is a two place side-by-side aluminum aircraft. It can carry engines from 115-160 hp. The performance is quite good. It will land and take-off in a short distance and cruise at a respectable speed.

Total Hours: 996.8

Latest - 2013-02-23

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Fabbing fwd deck parts - 1.0 hours


  • Rivet Gun Pressures - I got this from Dan Checkoway's website on building an RV-7. There is a lot of good stuff on this site.