9 June 2010
Fabbing pushrod tubes

4.0 hours

Cutting tubes to length
Cutting tubes to length (Full size)

Cut both left and right pushrod tubes to length. Prior to this I drove some under driven rivets in the left wing pointed out on the tech counseler visit. I have some to do on the right wing someday also.

Creating spacing guide for drilling
Creating spacing guide for drilling (Full size)

The pushrod tubes require 6 equally spaced rivets to hold the ends of the pushrods in place. I laid out the correct spacing on a piece of paper. Then cut the paper into strips and taped it in place on the pushrod end.

Drilling rivet holes
Drilling rivet holes (Full size)

The guide taped in place, and drilling the rivet holes for the VA-169 end fittings.

Priming VA-169 fittings
Priming VA-169 fittings (Full size)

I had also previously primed the inside of the tubes by taping over the end, pouring in primer, taping the other end. Then sloshing the primer all over the inside of the tubes.

Riveting VA-169 fittings
Riveting VA-169 fittings (Full size)

Riveted the fittings in place with blind rivets.

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