18 May 2010
Tech Counseler Visit

3.5 hours

Dimpling W-921L and W-924L
Dimpling W-921L and W-924L (Full size)

Harold Smith of EAA Chapter 328 came for a tech counseler visit today. He looked at the left and right wings. He told me some of my rivets were underdriven. Other than that, things look good. Once he left I started to put the gap fairings on the left wing.

Painting gap fairings
Painting gap fairings (Full size)

This picture was taken long before this day, but I forgot to put it in the blog. So here it is now.

Left flap gap fairing riveting
Left flap gap fairing riveting (Full size)

Here I have finished the wing skin to flap fairing riveting.

Finished flap fairing riveting
Finished flap fairing riveting (Full size)

The inboard end of the fairing.

Aileron and flap fairing
Aileron and flap fairing (Full size)

Here is both fairings riveted in place

Flap fairing outboard end
Flap fairing outboard end (Full size)

And completely out of order, the outer end of the flap fairing while riveting

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