22 October 2009
Flap Hinges

1.5 hours

Flap hinges cleco'd in place
Flap hinges cleco'd in place (Full size)

The inner and outer flap hinges are cleco'd in place, then match drilled

Flap hinge angles
Flap hinge angles (Full size)

Parts need to be fabricated for the flap hinges. Here they are all done, filed, and scotch-brited, ready for match drilling in place

Aligning center flap hinge
Aligning center flap hinge (Full size)

I have finished the inner and outer flap hinge. Next is to place a string through the bushings and line up the center hinge. Here they are lined up, ready to drill the middle hinge.

Inner hinge
Inner hinge (Full size)

A close up of the inner hinge

Inner hinge from inboard
Inner hinge from inboard (Full size)

Another closeup of the inner hinge

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