22 June 2008
Priming and assembling front spar

4.0 hours

Primed ribs and spars
Primed ribs and spars (Full size)

I dimpled the right hs skin. This time I created no extra holes with the dimpler. I cleaned the parts with soap and water with a scotch-brite pad, then primed them with SEM. It took the whole can as it was somewhat windy. I didn't have enough to do the skins, and only had 1 can.

Assembling front hs spar
Assembling front hs spar (Full size)

I started riveting together the front hs spar. I used the avery hand squeezer. It makes perfect shop heads once it's set up. After about 30 rivets it got a little harder to squeeze the rivets, but it was tolerable. My countersinks for the flush rivets turned out to be too shallow. I guess because of the primer. So I have to drill out my first rivets, as 4 of them don't sit quite flush.

Close-up of shop heads
Close-up of shop heads (Full size)

This is a close up shot of the shop head on the very first rivet on the airplane.

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