25 September 2009
Riveting outer nose rib and skin assembly

6.0 hours

Assembled skin and ribs
Assembled skin and ribs (Full size)

This was much easier than the first time. Everything just goes together with little force.

Pitot tube hole
Pitot tube hole (Full size)

I hadn't yet drilled the pitot tube hole so I put the assembly on the wing spar and drilled out the hole

In-progress riveting
In-progress riveting (Full size)

Starting with the aftmost rivet, each rivet is done one by one toward the front of the skin, Here I am almost halfway done.

Finished riveting
Finished riveting (Full size)

Here is the finished assembly ready to go on the spar

Nutplates on tank attach splice plate
Nutplates on tank attach splice plate (Full size)

I put on the nutplates before riveting the assembly to the spar

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