15 September 2009
Catching up

20.0 hours

Ribs riveted into skin
Ribs riveted into skin (Full size)

I have not been keeping up the web log over the summer. I was working a half hour a day or so, and not taking many pictures. So this page will kind of summarize progress to date. This picture shows the tank ribs riveted into place. I am getting ready to finish the interior before putting on the baffle

View from above
View from above (Full size)

Another picture of the tank interior. I put on lots of sealant, next time I'll not put on so much.

Tank access panel
Tank access panel (Full size)

I am using the capacitor tank level measurement method, so there is no float attached to the access panel. Here is the fuel intake fitting sealed onto the panel.

Inner tank rib
Inner tank rib (Full size)

Here I have installed the BNC fitting for the tank level sensing, plus all the nutplates, and the vent tube fitting.

Outside of tank
Outside of tank (Full size)

The tank sitting in the support jig, plus all the parts ready for installation.

Interior of tank prior to closeout
Interior of tank prior to closeout (Full size)

Here I have the intake tube installed, and the vent tube installed. I have also routed the wire to the capacitance plates

Baffle installed
Baffle installed (Full size)

Here I have installed the baffle, and the spar support fittings. I have yet to put in the skin to baffle rivets.

Finished tank
Finished tank (Full size)

The tank is more or less done. I have to seal the skin to baffle rivets but otherwise it is ready to go.

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