7 June 2009
Riveting stiffeners to tank

4.0 hours

Taping skin before riveting
Taping skin before riveting (Full size)

Put tape on the skin to make it easier to clean up the sealant.

Laying on sealant
Laying on sealant (Full size)

Used a syringe to lay down the sealant.

More laying on sealant
More laying on sealant (Full size)

Another picture of putting on the sealant

Stiffeners riveted into place
Stiffeners riveted into place (Full size)

Here are the stiffeners riveted into place. Kind of messy, but I'm sure I'll get better.

Fill fitting riveted
Fill fitting riveted (Full size)

The tank fill fitting is also sealed and riveted.

Tank drain fitting
Tank drain fitting (Full size)

The tank drain fitting is also sealed and riveted into place

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