16 May 2009
More tank assembly

8.0 hours

Tank level capacitance plates
Tank level capacitance plates (Full size)

I fitted the plates to their ribs, and drilled the holes. After that, put in the nutplates. I spent a lot of time after this trying with different ways of putting the ribs in the skin. It is very difficult to get them in place as the skin is so stiff. After I got the outside plate. I made sure the skin stiffener cleared the plate by at least 3/16". I trimmed the edge of it some, but didn't take a picture.

Cutting access hole in inside rib
Cutting access hole in inside rib (Full size)

I didn't have a drill press, so went to use the one at work. This didn't take long to cut the hole.

Reinforcement ring in place
Reinforcement ring in place (Full size)

Fitted the tank cover and reinforcement ring in place. Then put in all the nutplates.

Tank drain fitting in place
Tank drain fitting in place (Full size)

Centered the tank drain over the hole in the skin, and drilled to fit. It has been countersunk for the rivets, so don't have to do that.

Drilling fuel filler cap
Drilling fuel filler cap (Full size)

Placed the fuel filler cap fitting in place, and drilled it. Now it's time to dissassemble everything, deburr, dimple, and prime before it goes back together permanently. Most of the tank parts aren't primed but some of the pieces outside will be.

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