10 May 2009
Fitting tank to wing

7.0 hours

Tank installed on wing
Tank installed on wing (Full size)

The tank goes on the wing assembly to drill the attach angles, and the holes common to the splice strip on the outer leading edge. Need to drill the holes through the attach angles slowly, as they can move out of position. After drilling all these holes, you also measure the wing twist with plumb bobs at each end of the wing. If it is less than 3/32" it is ok. Mine was less.

Drilled and deburred tank attach angle
Drilled and deburred tank attach angle (Full size)

Here is the final result of fitting the tank onto the wing assembly. All the holes in the right places for the angles.

Outer leading edge
Outer leading edge (Full size)

I lost a few pictures of the work on the outer leading edge, so I took another to show it.

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