9 April 2009
Assembling rear spar

6.0 hours

Priming rear spar parts
Priming rear spar parts (Full size)

I didn't take pictures of the inboard parts drilling. They can be seen in later pictures during the riveting. Here all the parts have been cleaned, and primed

Inboard end of rear spar
Inboard end of rear spar (Full size)

Cleco'd the W-907C, W-907B doublers to the W-907A spar

Rivets installed in spar
Rivets installed in spar (Full size)

Here is the finished rivets. Took quite a while to make sure I didn't have rivets installed where they shouldn't be (yet).

W-907D riveted
W-907D riveted (Full size)

Not many rivets go in this one now

W-907E riveted
W-907E riveted (Full size)

Here are the rivets in the W-907E doubler. I dimpled both the doubler and the spar for the outboard rivet holes. Since they are .040 thick dimpling is ok.

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