29 March 2009
Prepping forward spar

4.0 hours

Main spar in supports
Main spar in supports (Full size)

I pulled the left spar from the shipping crate and set it on the bench. I got the idea for the spar supports from

Installing nutplates
Installing nutplates (Full size)

Here Spencer is putting the nutplates on with cleco's so that I can put in the rivets.

More nutplates
More nutplates (Full size)

Another shot of Spencer working on his A&P

Countersinking the tank holes in spar
Countersinking the tank holes in spar (Full size)

After getting all the nutplates in, next step was to countersink all the bolt holes. I did this as the instructions said, just using the installed nutplate to center the countersink. Worked fine.

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