14 February 2009
Installing hinge rod ends, servo pushrod

2.0 hours

Special tool for installing rod ends
Special tool for installing rod ends (Full size)

I saw this on the web somewhere, I forget where. A handy tool for installing the rod ends. It is made from PVC pipe. Cut a slot in one end, and a hole in the other for a screwdriver to turn it with. Works great.

Rod end in elevator
Rod end in elevator (Full size)

Here is one of the rod ends screwed in

Trim tab pushrod
Trim tab pushrod (Full size)

I installed the trim tab pushrod hardware. The threaded rod required cutting to length. I then put it all together.

Elevator counterbalance weights
Elevator counterbalance weights (Full size)

Cut the lead weights as shown on the plans and bolted them to the counterbalance rib. They make the elevator much heavier than it was before.

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