12 June 2008
Assembling hs spars

7.0 hours

empennage box 2
empennage box 2 (Full size)

The second box came today. This one contained the skins and the spars and some other pieces. A lot less stuff than the other box

Skins unpacked from the box
Skins unpacked from the box (Full size)

This is the skins that were in the box, sitting out

Empennage spars
Empennage spars (Full size)

The spars.

Horizontal stabilizer ribs
Horizontal stabilizer ribs (Full size)

I am getting ready to deburr and flute the horizontal stab ribs.

ribs and spars
ribs and spars (Full size)

The ribs are almost all deburred and fluted. I didn't take a picture while I was assembling the forward and rear spars. They are sitting on the table. They have been match drilled with the splice doublers, attach angles, and some of the hinge fittings.

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