10 June 2008
Received the Empennage kit

6.0 hours

empennage box 1
empennage box 1 (Full size)

I got the first empennage kit box today. The other didn't arrive because it "wasn't scheduled for delivery". I guess that didn't apply to the first one, because it wasn't "scheduled for delivery" either. I unpacked this box. It had a lot of stuff in it, even though it was small.

Fasteners in their containers
Fasteners in their containers (Full size)

I put all the fasteners in these little rubbermaid containers I got at Walmart. There is a lot of rivets.

Empennage fiberglass parts
Empennage fiberglass parts (Full size)

Here is all the fiberglass parts from this kit.

HS-908 attach angles
HS-908 attach angles (Full size)

HS-908 attach angles, the first parts I made. These attach angles are fabricated from a piece of 3/8" thick angle. This was a lot of work cutting it with a hacksaw. I have a small band saw stored away, I guess I'll have to get it. After cutting and filing, I deburred with the scotch brite wheel, then drilled the 9 pilot holes in each.

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