20 September 2008
Priming, riveting elevator

10.0 hours

Priming parts
Priming parts (Full size)

The boring part is begun, deburring, dimpling, cleaning and priming Here are some of the ready to go parts

More primed parts
More primed parts (Full size)

Some more of the elevator parts ready to be put together

Priming the skin
Priming the skin (Full size)

I held the skin open with tape, and primed it with the rattle can

Riveting spar doublers
Riveting spar doublers (Full size)

The first step in final assembly is to rivet the spar doublers onto the spar. Used the squeezer on these rivets.

Riveted counterbalance ribs together
Riveted counterbalance ribs together (Full size)

Next step is to rivet the outer ribs together. Also done with the squeezer

Riveting counterbalance skin
Riveting counterbalance skin (Full size)

The counterbalance skin is cleco'd onto the ribs, and riveted on. The squeezer works for all these rivets also.

Riveting horn
Riveting horn (Full size)

This doesn't show it, but first I riveted the horn on upside-down. Grrr. I then drilled out all the rivets and redid it. Came out fine. I even checked the layout several times before riveting it on upside down, and still got it wrong. No harm done I guess.

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