24 August 2008
Riveting rudder skeleton

5.0 hours

Priming rudder parts
Priming rudder parts (Full size)

I sanded, scrubbed, cleaned, dewaxed the rudder parts. I then primed with the rattle can. It was raining hard outside, but still warm and the primer didn't go on as well as previous. I don't know if it was the humidity or the can.

Riveting platenut and doubler
Riveting platenut and doubler (Full size)

I started riveting the platenuts and doublers with the hand squeezer. The called out rivet was a tad long, but the next size down, was too short. This made the shop heads pretty fat, even though they are still a bit tall.

Front side of spar
Front side of spar (Full size)

This is the manufactured head of the rivets in the last picture.

Rudder horn and lower rib
Rudder horn and lower rib (Full size)

I started the riveting of the lower doubler, platenut, shim, rudder horn and rib. Not all the rivets could be done with the squeezer, so I got out the rivet gun for the rest of them

Rudder horn brace
Rudder horn brace (Full size)

After the horn and related parts was on, I started the rudder horn brace. The plans call out a normal rivet on the bottom, with blind rivets optional. It would be quite tricky to get at the other side of those, so I went with the blind rivets.

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