24 July 2011
Main Gear Weldments

5.0 hours

Installing nutplates
Installing nutplates (Full size)

Install nutplates on flap motor housing.

F-785A (Full size)

Cleaned and painted F-785A, installed it.

Reaming main landing gear bolt
Reaming main landing gear bolt (Full size)

The landing gear leg is put into the weldment, and then the hole is reamed. Here it is clamped on the bench.

The hole
The hole (Full size)

The hole after it has been reamed.

Bolting in left weldment
Bolting in left weldment (Full size)

There are a lot of bolts that go through this.

Bolting right weldment
Bolting right weldment (Full size)

A lot of bolts.

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