21 July 2011
Flap Weldment fitting

4.0 hours

F-680 Flap Bushing Block
F-680 Flap Bushing Block (Full size)

Cut and drilled F-680 Flap Bushing Block

Installed F-680
Installed F-680 (Full size)

Drilled holes for F-680.

Flap weldment installed
Flap weldment installed (Full size)

Installed the Flap weldment in the bushing blocks, made sure everything fits right.

Flap motor mount parts
Flap motor mount parts (Full size)

Fabbed F-766B, F-767, F-766C, F-785B parts.

Painted motor mount parts
Painted motor mount parts (Full size)

Cleaned and primed.

Installing nutplates
Installing nutplates (Full size)

Drilled and installed nutplates in tunnel.

Finished with nutplates
Finished with nutplates (Full size)

All done.

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