24 April 2011
Bellcrank work

3.0 hours

Bellcrank riveted together
Bellcrank riveted together (Full size)

Using the hand squeezer.

F-729C riveted
F-729C riveted (Full size)

I had to make a new one of these as the old one was drilled incorrectly. Here is is in place and riveted. Also riveted the F-728A to the fuselage.

F-635C spacers
F-635C spacers (Full size)

These go on either side of the bellcrank.

Riveting F-972B
Riveting F-972B (Full size)

Finished riveting the F-972B-L/R to the carry through bulkhead brackets.

More riveting F-972B
More riveting F-972B (Full size)

The other end of the F-972B-L/R are riveted to the brackets on the firewall.

Bellcrank test fitting
Bellcrank test fitting (Full size)

The bellcrank fit and put into place

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