17 April 2011
Riveting side rails

3.0 hours

Riveting side rail
Riveting side rail (Full size)

The F-721B-L/R side rails are riveted to the longeron

Riveting F-695=L gusset
Riveting F-695=L gusset (Full size)

The F-695-L/R gussets are next. Most rivets could be done with the hand squeezer. The few left in this picture had to be done with the rivet gun.

Riveting F-728 to fuselage
Riveting F-728 to fuselage (Full size)

This is finally riveted to the fuselage at top and bottom.

Fabbing elevator bellcrank
Fabbing elevator bellcrank (Full size)

Cutout the F-635 bellcrank pieces and drilled them together

Making new F-729C
Making new F-729C (Full size)

Drilled out the old one as the rivet hole was in the wrong spot. Made a new one.

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