2 October 2010
Longeron work forward of F-904 bulkhead

10.0 hours

Drilling longeron forward of F-904
Drilling longeron forward of F-904 (Full size)

Clamped the longerons to the skin and checked the forward end. They should be 3/4" short of the skin edge. Each needed to be trimmed about 1/4" to meet that. Then re-clamped after cutting the longeron short with a cut-off wheel. Drilled the holes through the skin and longeron.

Longerons cleco'd
Longerons cleco'd (Full size)

All holes drilled through the longerons.

Fabbing F-904L attach strips
Fabbing F-904L attach strips (Full size)

The instructions say to make these, here they are.

Locating firewall
Locating firewall (Full size)

Put the firewall in place and clamped. Next step is to put rivets in the longeron/skin holes to make sure it isn't sagging from the weight of the firewall. Also drilled a couple of holes up top using the F-972 skin to fix the fore/aft position of the firewall.

Clamping WD-602 bracket
Clamping WD-602 bracket (Full size)

This bracket is clamped so that the holes can be drilled through it. After drilling those holes, drilled the holes in the flange of the firewall.

Locating landing gear hole
Locating landing gear hole (Full size)

Using template from the drawing, made a pattern to cut hole for landing gear leg I forgot to take a picture after the holes were cutout.

Locating auxiliary longeron F-713R
Locating auxiliary longeron F-713R (Full size)

These longerons are clamped into place, then drilled using skin holes

Fabricating F-719B attach clips
Fabricating F-719B attach clips (Full size)

Need a left and right of these

Fitting F-719R longeron
Fitting F-719R longeron (Full size)

Using the attach clips, located the longerons and drilled using the skin holes.

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