19 September 2010
Priming, started final assembly

9.5 hours

Priming parts
Priming parts (Full size)

The deburring, and dimpling was done on 9/17 and 9/18. I didn't take any pictures of that. I started out by cleaning and priming the parts.

Bottom skin primed
Bottom skin primed (Full size)

Priming finished.

Riveting seat ribs
Riveting seat ribs (Full size)

I cleco'd the ribs to the F-904 bulkhead and started riveting them to it. This required the rivet gun, the squeezer wouldn't really work for any of them. Here they are all riveted in place. After this picture I put in the bolts in each rib top and bottom.

Riveting baggage ribs and F-705 bulkhead
Riveting baggage ribs and F-705 bulkhead (Full size)

The assembly is cleco'd together, then rivet each of the joints together. This took quite a while. Used the squeezer for all of the rivets.

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