5 August 2010
Assembling tailcone for drilling

3.0 hours

Attaching frames to F-779
Attaching frames to F-779 (Full size)

The last two frames, F-711, F-712 are cleco'd to the skin. This skin is pretty thick and difficult to wrestle into place.

Attaching F-707, F-708 frames
Attaching F-707, F-708 frames (Full size)

The F-707 and F-708 frames are cleco'd to the bottom skin, F-778.

J-stiffeners placed into position
J-stiffeners placed into position (Full size)

The F-786B/C stiffeners are put into place

Tailcone put together
Tailcone put together (Full size)

The side skins F-773 are cleco'd into place. Then the F-706 bulkhead is clecod on.

Side view of tailcone
Side view of tailcone (Full size)

Another shot of the assembly

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