4 August 2010
Bending longerons

10.0 hours

Setup for bending longeron
Setup for bending longeron (Full size)

This is the left longeron in the vise. You have to put a preload on it by bending with one hand, then wack it with the hammer, then move it 1/2" and repeat. The left one took a very long time, but the right one only an hour to beat into the proper curve.

Drilling F-721BL
Drilling F-721BL (Full size)

After bending to the proper curve, the F-721B's are placed and drilled through the longeron. Here it is clamped into location

F-721BL done
F-721BL done (Full size)

After drilling in place. Also did the right one.

Bending forward end of longeron
Bending forward end of longeron (Full size)

After doing the F-721B, the forward end of the longeron needs to be bent down to match the profile of the side skin. This is the same technique as before, except you don't move the longeron in the vise.

Twisting forward end of longeron
Twisting forward end of longeron (Full size)

The final step is to twist the longeron 17 degrees. This is done by using a crescent wrench and yanking it around. Have to twist it a long long ways to get the proper twist.

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