22 July 2010
Riveting aft-bulkhead parts

1.0 hours

F-707 bulkhead assembly
F-707 bulkhead assembly (Full size)

A little bit of work finished a lot of parts today. Riveted the F-707 together here

F-708 bulkhead assembly
F-708 bulkhead assembly (Full size)

Riveting the F-708 together.

F-710 bulkhead
F-710 bulkhead (Full size)

Riveted the F-710B angle to the F-710 bulkhead

F-711 bulkhead
F-711 bulkhead (Full size)

Riveted the stab attach bars to the F-711 bulkhead

F-712 bulkhead
F-712 bulkhead (Full size)

Riveted the two halves of the F-712 bulkhead together

Stack of frames
Stack of frames (Full size)

Here are all the aft fuselage frames ready to be installed in the tailcone.

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