13 June 2010
Building brackets

5.2 hours

Drilling grommet holes in F-982B brackets
Drilling grommet holes in F-982B brackets (Full size)

Placed the F-982/3/L/R brackets in place and drilled holes fullsize Then started drilling grommet holes in each bracket

Finished brackets
Finished brackets (Full size)

After finishing the grommet holes, drilled and dimpled the nutplate rivet holes

Fabbing F-904M stiffeners
Fabbing F-904M stiffeners (Full size)

Cut the stiffeners to length. Then clamped them in place and drilled the holes to full size

Starting F-705 bulkhead
Starting F-705 bulkhead (Full size)

First is to cut F-705B to length. Also cut F-705H's. Clamped

Drilling bottom bar assembly
Drilling bottom bar assembly (Full size)

Clamped F-705B/H/C's to F-705A and drilled all holes

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