12 June 2010
Control Column assembly

5.0 hours

Drilling F-633R to F-904
Drilling F-633R to F-904 (Full size)

Held the F-633R in place and drilled the bolt holes at top and bottom

Drilling F-633L to F-904
Drilling F-633L to F-904 (Full size)

Same as the right side

Assembled control column
Assembled control column (Full size)

Got all the parts together, then bolted the F-633's to the F-904 bulkhead and assembled the control column. Kind of neat to see all of this together, even though it comes right back apart again.

Drilling, installing nutplates on F-904
Drilling, installing nutplates on F-904 (Full size)

Several nutplates are drilled, countersunk and riveted into place

More F-904 nutplates
More F-904 nutplates (Full size)

A shot of the nutplates on the front half of F-904

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