6 June 2010
Deburring, painting, Riveting firewall

9.0 hours

Firewall deburring and dimpling
Firewall deburring and dimpling (Full size)

The firewall itself needs most of the holes dimpled. Numerous holes on the other parts need countersinking. Did all that.

Laid out cable penetrations
Laid out cable penetrations (Full size)

I decided to mark the locations of the cable holes, but not drill them.

Cleaned parts
Cleaned parts (Full size)

Cleaned all the parts, getting ready to prime them

Painted parts
Painted parts (Full size)

Primed the firewall parts

Riveting aux fuel pump doubler
Riveting aux fuel pump doubler (Full size)

The first thing riveted is this plate.

Firewall stiffeners
Firewall stiffeners (Full size)

Cleco the stiffeners on and start riveting them. I used the back riveter for most of these rivets.

Brake line bracket
Brake line bracket (Full size)

This bracket is riveted on, also back-riveted.

Firewall riveted
Firewall riveted (Full size)

Here is a picture of the back of the firewall after getting all the rivets in.

Cleco the recess in place
Cleco the recess in place (Full size)


Front of finished firewall
Front of finished firewall (Full size)

And a view of the front, after riveting.

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