29 April 2010
Start assembling left flap

2.0 hours

Making FL-906A
Making FL-906A (Full size)

Fabricated part from angle.

Fabbed parts
Fabbed parts (Full size)

Made the shim that goes underneath the clip

Locating and drilling FL-906's
Locating and drilling FL-906's (Full size)

Clamped FL-906A/C in place and drilled

Holes in flat table
Holes in flat table (Full size)

Drilled the FL-902 skin to the table. Removed the skin, then drilled out holes in table for cleco's

More assembled flap
More assembled flap (Full size)

Cleco'd and drilled the FL-905 ribs to the spar. Then cleco'd the FL-901C skin to assembly.

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