18 April 2010
Riveting left aileron

7.0 hours

Priming aileron parts
Priming aileron parts (Full size)

Cleaned, primed all aileron parts

Riveted A903 and A908
Riveted A903 and A908 (Full size)

Riveted the doublers to each end of spar, plus the nutplate on the inboard end of spar

Riveted doubler
Riveted doubler (Full size)


Riveted counterbalance to ribs
Riveted counterbalance to ribs (Full size)

Riveted A-909 counterbalance to A-904 ribs. Then riveted this assembly to the A-903 spar.

Riveting A-905 ribs to assembly
Riveting A-905 ribs to assembly (Full size)

Riveted the ribs to the spar.

Installing skins to skeleton
Installing skins to skeleton (Full size)

Cleco'd the upper and lower skins to assembly. Then cleco'd A-901 skin to assembly. Riveted A-901 skin to ribs.

Riveting skins to spar
Riveting skins to spar (Full size)

Rivet the skins to the spar with the assembly in the saddle.

Rivet skins to ribs
Rivet skins to ribs (Full size)

After finishing the spar line, took assembly out of the stand and riveted the skins to the ribs

Glueing trailing edge
Glueing trailing edge (Full size)

Using fuel sealent, smeared the AEX wedge and cleco'd it all together and left for cure

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