2 January 2010
More tank details

4.5 hours

Fitting T-406B fuel cap flange
Fitting T-406B fuel cap flange (Full size)

Fit the fuel cap, drilled the holes. Flared the end of the vent line . I had messed up one of the T-912 brackets. Drilled the replacement to the baffle, and then the nutplate holes in it. Deburred all the T-912 brackets. Countersunk the rivet holes in the fuel cap flange.

Vent line clip
Vent line clip (Full size)

Fabbed the T-914 clip and drilled the rivet hole.

Dimpling skin
Dimpling skin (Full size)

Deburred T-901R skin. Deburred the ribs and baffle. Dimpled T-911 stiffeners

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