31 October 2009
Rear spar assembly

4.0 hours

Final drilling inner rear spar doublers
Final drilling inner rear spar doublers (Full size)

First thing was to file and deburr the rear-spar and all doublers. I was missing the outer doubler, so I ordered it from Van's. Here are the inner doubler's cleco'd into place. Next step was to drill em to final size

Middle doubler
Middle doubler (Full size)

This doubler is clamped into place for drilling. Also it needs the aileron pushrod hole opened up.

Primed rear-spar parts
Primed rear-spar parts (Full size)

After the drilling and deburring, several holes need countersinking in the inner doubler. After that, cleaned and primed.

Assembling rear spar
Assembling rear spar (Full size)

Cleco'd together the inner spar doublers and riveted with the hand-squeezer. Many of the holes will be riveted later with various other parts so they remain empty.

Assembling rear spar - middle
Assembling rear spar - middle (Full size)

Here is the middle doubler in place. Most of the rivets come later.

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