12 June 2010
Installing aileron bellcrank

1.0 hours

Bellcrank bolted to spar
Bellcrank bolted to spar (Full size)

I primed the pushrod tubes. Then bolted the bellcrank to the wing and fitted the tube into place. I left it here because I need to get the ends welded for the bellcrank to aileron push tubes instead of riveting them on.

Drilling brass bushing
Drilling brass bushing (Full size)

The bushing at the center of the bellcrank needs to be drilled out to full size. I drilled a hole in a 2x4 to hold the bushing, then drilled out the center. I split the 2x4 at the hole to get the bushing back out of the wood.

Aileron bellcrank again
Aileron bellcrank again (Full size)

More of the hardware installed on the assembly. Leaving it like this for now.

Wing with pushrod in place
Wing with pushrod in place (Full size)

Another shot of wing in cart.

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