23 July 2011
Flap Motor Housing

2.0 hours

Locating F-785A
Locating F-785A (Full size)

Clamped in place, ready to drill holes.

Nutplates in F-785A
Nutplates in F-785A (Full size)

Installed nutplates in F-785A

Nutplates in F-785B
Nutplates in F-785B (Full size)

Installed nutplates in F-785B

Installed flapmotor
Installed flapmotor (Full size)

Installed the flapmotor. Hooked up a 12V power supply and tried moving it.

F-760A-L/R (Full size)

Located, drilled, F-760A-L/R in place.

Front view of flap motor housing
Front view of flap motor housing (Full size)


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