17 July 2011
Aileron Trim Bracket

1.5 hours

Drilling floor pan for F-6124
Drilling floor pan for F-6124 (Full size)

The aileron trim has a bracket between 2 seat ribs, it is has a screw through the seat floor, drilling the floor.

Aileron trim bracket
Aileron trim bracket (Full size)

Made the bracket, back-drilled through the floor.

Installed bracket between ribs
Installed bracket between ribs (Full size)

The bracket is fitted in place between the seat ribs and drilled.

F-7123 pivot block
F-7123 pivot block (Full size)

Fabbed the F-7123 pivot block. Clamped in place on the bracket and drilled.

Nutplates in trim bracket
Nutplates in trim bracket (Full size)

Drilled, and riveted nutplates in trim bracket.

WD-756 (Full size)

Bent WD-756 trim arm and drilled for cotter pin.

Assembled trim arm and bracket
Assembled trim arm and bracket (Full size)

Bolted the trim arm assembly together.

Installed aileron trim arm
Installed aileron trim arm (Full size)

Screwed assembly into place.

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