8 April 2011
Aft deck shims

3.0 hours

Laying out shims
Laying out shims (Full size)

We need 2 shims that go under the aft deck over the bulkheads. The F-710C and F-711E. Here I am laying them out on the blue plastic.

Getting ready to drill stops/shims
Getting ready to drill stops/shims (Full size)


Fabbing spacers
Fabbing spacers (Full size)

Here is the F-710C spacer and F-711E stop/spacer cut out and deburred

Drilling spacers
Drilling spacers (Full size)

Cleco'd the aft deck back in place with spacers and drilled.

Priming aft deck parts
Priming aft deck parts (Full size)

Cleaned and primed the new parts

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